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Tune Town Gear Slut List

• Altec 436A Tube Compressor/Limiter circa late 1950’s. Used in professional audio in radio, television, film and recording studios planetary. There are modded versions used by Abbey Road. Our version has similar mods .

• Altec 1591A Mic pre/Limiter circia late 1950’s. Used in professional audio such as radio, television, film and recording studios around the world.

• Ampex 350 Tube Tape recorder channel circa 1950’s. Now used as a microphone preamplifier.

• API 550A 3 Band Equalizer circa 1970’s. Commonly used in API recoding consoles.

API 212 Microphone Preamplifier circa 1970’s. Front end mic pre to API recording consoles

EMT 140 Tube Plate Reverb circa 1950’s. Gold Standard reverb in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s and beyond.

Gates M5546 Level Devil circa 1950’s. Broadcast Limiter. Employed in many AM & FM radio stations.

Lang LXQ-5 Five Channel Tube Equalizer circa 1960’s. This unit is part of a discreet 5 channel system. It has been modified for recording. There are 5 separate channels of 10khz and 100 hz boost and cut.

• Lang PEQ-5 Two Band Equalizer circa 1960’s. The 2 bands mid & low have adjustable frequencies. Smooth passive eq in this unit.

•Newcomb KX-50 6 Channel Tube PA system circa 1950’s. Modified for 6 discreet tube mic preamplifiers.

• Neve 1290 Microphone Preamplifier circa 1970’s. Used in recording consoles. Also the front end of the famed Neve 1073 mic pre/equalizer module

RCA BA-51 Microphone Pre Amplifier circa 1960’s. This mic pre was used in broadcast consoles.

Telefunkin V72 Tube Microphone Preamplifier circa 1960’s. Used in broadcast and recording environments. Also recording console’s
Telefunken V74 Tube Line Amplifiers circa 1960’s. Used in many pro audio environments, Such as building blocks for recording consoles.

• Universal Audio 1176 Blue Stripe Limiter/Compressor circa late 1960’s. Another pro audio staple for broadcast and recording.

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48 channel MOTU 1296. Digital
Performer, M5 Sampler with Mega Sample Library Superior Drummer
Waves plug-ins. 16 Channel
discreet headphone system
Analog tape machines available.

AKG 414 (3)
AKG 112
Neuman U-67
AKG D1000 E
AKG 414
AKG 451
Audio Technia ATM 31 (2)
Audio Technia 350 D (1)
CAD E100 (6 )
CADE200 (5 )
CAD E300 (5 )
Countryman 85 DI (2)
Electrovoice 655C
Electrovoice RE 20 ( 2)
Neumann U87 (2)
Neumann U47 Tube
Groove Tube GT-1
Oktava MC 012
Realistic PZM's
Reslo R.B. Ribbon
Sennheiser 421 (3)
Sennheiser 441U (2)
ShureSM57 (8)
Shure SM 58 (6)
Shure SM 81 (2)
Sony ECM 989
Sony C17B
Sony C76
Sony ECM 33F
SonyC37A (l)
Sony C37 P (4)
SonyC38 B
Sony C48
Console & Outboard
80 Channel CAD Maxcon II w/
Mogami cable mod and
Mega Mix Automation
ADR Vocal Stresser F769X-R Altec
436A mod. comp/lim Altec 1591A
mic pre comp/lim Altec 423B 5
channel tube mic pre Amek 2500
mic pre/eq (8) Ampex 350 tube mic
pre (2) AMS-RMX16 API 550 EQ (7)
API 525 comp/lim (2) API 312 mic
pre’s (7) API 212 mic pre’s (6)
Benchmark MP-1 mic pre (8) Boss
CE-300 chorus DBX 165A DBX 162
(2) DBX 160X (3) Drawmer DS 201
EMT 140 ST Plate Reverb (2)
Eventide H 3000 DSE (2) Eventide
H-910 Harmonizer Eventide FL-201
Flanger Eventide Instant Phaser
Gates Level Devil M5546 GML 8304
mic pre (4) Lang PEQ-5 passive eq
(2) Lang LXQ-2 5 channel hi/lo tube eq
Line 6 POD Pro
Lexicon 224X Lexicon
Prime Time 93

Lexicon PCM 70 Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon PCM 42 Lexicon PCM 41
Lexicon LXP 1 & 5 with MRC Manley
ELOP Moog 3 Band Parametric Moog
12 Stage Phaser MXR Flanger/Doubler
Neve 1290 mic pre’s 1073 pre’s (8)
Newcomb KX-50 tube mic pre’s (6)
Peavey VMP 2 mic pre RCA BA 51 mic
pre (8) Roland R-880 Reverb (2) Roland
SRE 555 Telefunken V72A (2) mic pre’s
Telefunken V74 (2) line amp’s Teletronix
LA-2A Tube Tech PE1C UREI 1176 Blue
Stripe UREI 1178 UREI LA-4 (4) UREI 545
Ursa Major SST-282 Ursa Major 8X32
Yamaha SPX 900

Musical Instruments

Assorted Percussion Big Muff
Pedal Acoustic 360 Acoustic
370 Acoustic 470
Ampeg B-15N
Ampeg BA-115 Fender Rhodes
Piano Fender Twin Reverb Fender
Super Reverb Fender Bandmaster
Fender Bassman 10 Fender
Tremolux Fender Ultra Chorus
Fender Champ Hammond B3/
Leslie 147
Lab L7 Leslie 925 with guitar pedal
Maestro Phase Shifter Marshall
JCM 800 Mini Moog Model D
Mutron Biphase Premier Reverb
Vox Whah Pedal Yamaha C3 Grand

2 - BGW 500D
Harmon Kardon Citation 16
Hafler 500
Hafler P125
Crown DC 300
Crown D 150
Crown D 75
Crown D 60
Soundcraftsman PM 860
Soundcraftsman PCR 800
Tannoy FSM
Tannoy SRM 12B
Tannoy Reveal 601
Yamaha NS 10
Handicapped access to all facilities.
The lounge is spacious and comfortable..
Kitchen with micro wave,refrigerater,
coffee machine and dinette.

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