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Tune Town Recording Studio
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Call (330) 872-3365 or e-mail

Handicapped access to all facilities. The lounge is spacious and comfortable.

Studio A
Tune Town Recording Studio in Newton Falls Ohio, located near Cleveland
can offer you digital as well as analog recording. We can provide you with
a recording engineer and a recording producer & musicians.
Tune Town Recording Studio has top of the line recording equipment such as;
Neve, AKG, Neumann, API, Urei, Lexicon and much more.

Contact: 330-872-3365 or e-mail mtalanca1@gmail.com.

  • 48 Chanell MOTU
    1296, Digital Performer.
  • 80 channel automated console
  • Waves Plug-ins.
  • 16 channel custom headphone system
  • Analog tape machines available.
  • Great mic selection
  • Many classic and modern mic pres
  • Wide selection of outboard gear
  • M5 Sampler with Mega Sample Library.
  • Client lounge & kitchen
  • 16 ft. ceilings in Studio A
  • Wide-open rooms with lots of daylight
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