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Tune Town Recording Clients
The Lettermen
Colleen Harris
Sarah Vail
YSU jazz ensemble
Vincent Yannucci
The Great Pretenders
Jay and the Americans
Classics IV
Dave Senek
Born Again Records
Revere Records
Larry D.
CD 106
Phase II Electronics
One Communications
McQuaids Oil
First Row Video
Midwest Fireworks
CAD Professional Products
Rick Blackson
Mary Jo Maluso
Jim Beach
#1 Suspex
Daniel Pecchio (Glass Harp/ Michael Stanley)
Ivan Fuzz
Doc McKenzie
Steve McClain
Skies Of Grey
Greg Yochman
Mr. Tibbs
Brain Food Records
The Takes Five Band
The Vocal Group Hall Of Fame
Jim Meese
Caroline Oltmanns
The Hern Brothers
Steven Burton / Endera Burn
Tom Mowrey
Brass Taxi
John Sferra
Joe Augustine
Kenny Eldridge
Phil Keaggy
Glass Harp
Terry Barrett
Mike Pachelli:
Roger Hatfield
The Edsels
Paul Rader
Brenda Park
Silver Cord Records
Don & Diane DiPiero
Richard Chase
Jim Toti
Class Reunion Band
Tim Ehlen & Carolina Oltmanns
Rick Powell
Ro Productions
Hi Powered Productions
Grady Babiez
Country Gentlemen
Joe Hudek
Juamone Perry
Big Shot Records
Boodah's Toothbrush
The House Band
YSU Jazz Ensemble
Jody Daniels
Soul Of One

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